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Working principle and maintenance of hot press

07 Mar,2023

With the reduction of wood resources, especially precious wood resources, more and more furniture use pressure processes such as veneer or sticker. As an important equipment of pressure process, thermal press is often used for veneer and pressure-formed parts in furniture manufacturing. Its production capacity and technical performance limit the production scale and product quality of enterprises. In order to better understand and select the hot press, this paper introduces the working principle of the veneer hot press commonly used in the furniture industry in detail.

maintenance of hot press

In fact, the working principle of the hot press is to carry out positive pressure on the basis of negative pressure and use special glue for processing. The hot press also has the characteristics of high pressure, low temperature and short film pressing time, which solves the deformation problem of the workpiece processed by the negative pressure equipment, greatly reduces the deformation degree of the workpiece, and ensures the quality and performance of the product.

The existing hot-press hot standby on the market can automatically complete the processing process of entering, raising, heating, vacuum, forming, demoulding and lowering the table. It is mainly driven by oil pressure and compressed air, so there should be enough air pressure and volume. The frame is composed of steel plates, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two workbenches can be recycled or used separately.

Plywood hot press is widely used in furniture production, wood doors, wood-based panel secondary processing veneer and other factories. The hot press can be said to be one of the main machinery of woodworking machinery. The main function of the hot press in the processing of wood products is to press and bond the veneer of furniture boards, building partitions, wooden doors, fire doors and other surface materials. The wide application of hot press is mainly reflected in the application of plywood, blockboard, medium-fiber board, particleboard, various decorative materials, decorative cloth, wood veneer, PVC and other wood-based panels. It can also be used for veneer drying, leveling, and forming of color decorative panels. The effect is very significant.

The main machine of the press can be divided into three parts: heating system (providing heat source), hydraulic system (providing pressure and controlling the action of the press) and press body (frame and control part). Generally speaking, the hot press is mainly evaluated and selected according to its function, reliability, service and price. This paper mainly introduces the function and reliability of the hot press.


The production problems of the hot press itself are not many, but a large part of them come from the hydraulic system, such as oil leakage and inability to maintain pressure. A lot of knowledge and requirements about hydraulic system can't be described here, but we must pay great attention to it when selecting.

The control system of the hot press mainly controls the work of the heating system and the hydraulic system, and its sensitivity and accuracy directly affect the accuracy of the press work. Because of the complex composition of the control part, it is usually the part prone to problems. For the press with complex functions, such as vacuum coating veneer press, many domestic press manufacturers directly import foreign control systems, and try to reduce the use of low reliability control components such as solenoid valves. Generally speaking, the functionality and reliability of the hot-press used in the furniture industry can be considered from the above aspects. Many veneering process problems will occur in production, which should be analyzed according to the specific situation.

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