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What are the skills of purchasing veneer rotary cutting machine manufacturers

16 Jun,2020

Customers may now look up relevant information on the Internet when purchasing the rotary cutting machine, or browse some websites for corresponding consultation. But the single board rotary cutting machine manufacturers want to remind everyone to purchase the rotary cutting machine as far as possible to carry out field inspection. Check the manufacturer's relevant qualification and scale, and learn about after-sales service and training.

What are the skills of purchasing veneer rotary cutting machine manufacturers

As we all know, the mechanical equipment of veneer cutting machine manufacturers is very important for the wood industry, and plays a great role in promoting the development and progress of the wood industry. The easily worn parts include the feed lead screw, nut, clamping shaft and shaft sleeve, main slide way and slide block, dipstick holder and tool holder, etc. The wear of these parts will reduce the accuracy of the equipment and affect the quality of the board, but its loss is also very serious, which requires us to carry out correct maintenance and repair. Because the working environment of the rotary cutting machine is very bad, it will inevitably cause a certain degree of damage to the equipment and greatly reduce the service life.

Through the above manufacturer's brief introduction, I hope it can help you. If you have any other questions, you can contact our company at any time. Welcome to call for consultation.

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