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Plywood production enterprises need to use machinery and equipment

07 Aug,2020

The veneer which is cut by the tree and is glued together by two or more layers is called plywood.

Today, we will briefly talk about the machinery needed to make plywood:

1. Rotary cutting machine: the rotary cutting machine is a special equipment for cutting trees into veneers. It is also the first process for making plywood. Generally speaking, veneer and plywood are separated, that is to say, veneer is a factory, plywood is a factory. There are many types of rotary cutting machines, but the whole machine can be divided into two categories: rotary cutting machines with cards and rotary cutting machines without cards. For specific conditions, see the articles on rotary cutting machines such as the types of rotary cutting machines and the selection of rotary cutting machines.

2. Skin cutter: it is a kind of equipment to cut the veneer into a certain specification. There are three kinds of commonly used forms: manual, foot and electric. Manual skin cutting is a common way of skin cutting, with less investment and low efficiency. Foot cut skin is flexible and convenient, and the investment is not big, but it can only cut one skin at a time, so the efficiency is not high. The electric cutter can cut dozens of pieces of leather at a time, which is slightly larger in investment, but has high efficiency and requires certain conditions for use. Manual cutter and electric cutter are suitable for non stuck rotary cutter, while foot driven cutter is more flexible.

3. Veneer joint machine: in the production of plywood, plywood, multilayer board, floor base material, craft furniture board, building lamination board, container board, blockboard, the board area is small, so it is necessary to vertically splice multiple plates.

4. Veneer dryer: veneer dryer is a kind of equipment to dry veneer after rotary cutting. The purpose is to reduce the moisture content of veneer and facilitate sizing when making plywood. The current veneer dryers include: mesh dryer, roller dryer, veneer dryer, press veneer dryer, chimney evaporation drying equipment, etc. See the following article "selection of veneer dryer" for specific selection of veneer dryer.

5. Glue making equipment: glue making equipment is the equipment for manufacturing plywood adhesive. Glue making is generally made by professional manufacturers, only a small number of manufacturers make their own. Self manufacturing must have a special workshop, professional technical personnel, so it is not recommended to make it yourself.

6. Glue mixing machine: the glue mixing machine is a kind of equipment for mixing plywood glue. Since the plywood glue is not necessarily suitable, additives are needed for mixing, so this equipment is specially used to blend the viscosity of plywood.

7. Gluing machine: gluing machine is the equipment for veneer gluing. The veneer can be pressed only after the veneer is glued to a certain thickness. There are three roller and four roller gluing machines, which are 1.3m and 2.6m according to the length. See the following article "selection of plywood gluing machine" for details.

8. Pre press: pre press, also known as cold press, is a kind of equipment to pre press the plywood laid by the laying workers into the basic thickness in advance. The purpose is to make effective use of the hot press. There are two kinds of machinery commonly used, i.e. upper and lower type machines. For details, please refer to the following articles "selection of plywood prepress" and "parameters of plywood prepress".

9. Hot press: hot press is a main process in plywood manufacturing process, which directly affects the quality of plywood. For details, please refer to "plywood hot press selection" and "plywood hot press parameters".

10. It's a hot edge sawing machine. The equipment can be divided into three types according to the fixed specifications: 3x6 feet, 4x8 feet and adjustable specifications. For details, see the following article "specification and selection of plywood edge sawing machine".

11. Sanding machine: sanding machine is the finished board surface modification equipment, this equipment is related to the surface of the product, so it is very important. See the following article "specification and selection of sanding machine" for details.

12. Forklift: plywood production can not do without forklift, the position of the board needs to be adjusted at any time.

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