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Correct use of rotary cutting machine

17 Aug,2020

Card free rotary cutting machine is in many industries can be used, it has more characteristics, now let's carefully understand the knowledge of this introduction?

We know that the material of the product is metal. In order to prevent the product from rusting, we need to keep the product stable in a suitable environment. Secondly, when operating the product, we need to ask professional personnel to operate. Secondly, we should clean the tools on the surface and inside of the equipment, as well as accessories and articles that are not part of the equipment. Do not touch the accessories of the equipment during the operation of the equipment. Clean up the corresponding accessories or resources timely when the equipment stops running.

During operation, the oil or grease dripping on the ground of the equipment must be removed immediately, and environmental protection treatment should be carried out by appropriate methods. The allocation, maintenance and repair of the rotary cutting machine are completed by professional personnel. When the equipment is finished, make sure that the power is turned off even if the corresponding problem is found.

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