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Solutions for problems when veneer peeling machine working

04 Mar,2023

1. When the power is turned on, the indicator light is on, but the motor cannot be started. Reason: The power supply phase is missing or the main control line is falsely connected. Solution: Check the power supply and control lines and the total stop button;

Solutions for problems when veneer peeling machine working

2. The thickness of veneers is different. Reason: The knife is high or low, and the knife seam is inconsistent with the knife feed hanging wheel. Solution: adjust the height of the knife according to the knife adjustment chart, adjust the blade and hanging wheel, and replace the wood;

3. The rotary veneer peeling machine automatically feeds the knife during rotary peeling, and stops sometimes. Reason: The feed circuit is falsely connected; the electromagnetic clutch plate slips, and the rotary peeling knife is too high. Solution: check whether the feed line is falsely connected; clean the clutch plate with gasoline or diesel, and adjust the knife height;

4. The front of the veneer is thick and the back is thin. Reason: The knife is low and the knife seam is too small. Solution: adjust the knife height and knife gap according to the knife adjustment diagram;

5. The knife will not automatically retract when it hits the reverse travel switch. Reason: The limit switch and the retracting control circuit are disconnected. Solution: replace the travel switch maintenance line;

6. When the tool is automatically retracted, the travel switch does not stop after hitting it, and the total stop button does not work. Reason: The sintering at the contact point of the knife retraction does not loosen. Solution: Grind the contacts and replace with new contactors;

7. The veneers cannot be connected. Reason: The height of the rotary cutting knife is inconsistent, and the knife gap and the feeding hanging wheel are not well matched. Solution: Adjust the height of the knife, the knife seam and the knife feeding hanging wheel, and replace the wood;

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