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The maintenance of hot press should pay attention to several aspects

07 Mar,2023

The plywood hot press machine is very important in the plate industry. A good hot press can bring great benefits to the company. If the hot press often fails, it will not only affect production, but also affect our mood, and the maintenance of the hot press is a crucial part.

plywood hot press

1. The upper and lower linings of hot-pressed plates are important because they are used to protect the surface of hot-pressed plates, especially the upper linings, which will affect the slab surface quality. Therefore, the liner should be removed regularly to remove dust, dirt and impurities, and the upper liner should be replaced once a week to ensure the quality of the finished product.

2. If the hot press stops for a long time, drain the steam condensate in the hot press plate Clean it to prevent it from corroding the hot pressing plate.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing ring of the hot press. When replacing the sealing ring of the hot press, pay attention to safety, and avoid bringing in dirt and impurities. After the support plate is fixed, replace the sealing ring. During the replacement process, attention should be paid to prevent the sealing ring from flanging, so as not to affect its quality.

Has your hot-press been maintained after purchase? Proper maintenance of machinery can not only prolong the service life of machinery, but also make it better play its role and value. As a hot press manufacturer, Jianzhong Wood Industry Co., Ltd. will introduce some matters needing attention about hot press maintenance.

plywood hot press

In the course of daily work, we should regularly check and clean the multi-layer veneer hot press. In the process of inspection, if abnormal problems are found, targeted measures should be taken in time to deal with them. Especially after the equipment is turned on and off, it should be checked to find the problem as soon as possible.

In the process of using the multi-layer veneer hot press, the staff should pay close attention to the operation of the equipment. For example, if it is found that the temperature of the equipment is not enough, resulting in insufficient heat, then whether it is integral or a certain part, it means that there is a short circuit or blockage in the equipment. If the problem is serious, it will also mean that there is corrosion or air leakage inside the multi-layer veneer hot press. At this time, we need to take electric welding to repair. In addition, we should also consider the liner of the hot press. The staff should remove the liner regularly for cleaning to ensure the cleanness of its surface.

It should be noted that we also need to determine a reasonable period for replacing the upper liner in combination with the actual work situation. After the cleaning work is completed, a layer of fiberboard should also be placed. This is mainly to reduce the probability of rusting inside the multi-layer veneer hot press as much as possible.

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