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Advantages of plywood machinery manufacturers

27 Jul,2020

When the traditional wood processing technology no longer has the advantage of social productivity, the new modern wood processing technology began to gradually replace the traditional wood processing technology. The new processing technology can give full play to the characteristics of wood, even create some new characteristics, and objectively broaden the application range of wood. The production process of veneer (veneer) is very simple, one step is to use the rotary cutter to cut the log; the second step is to use the stacking machine to automatically fold the veneer.

Understanding and mastering the world's more advanced processing technology is conducive to improving the external competitiveness and economic benefits of China's wood processing enterprises. Through continuous efforts, the machinery has developed a new generation of wood rotary cutting machine, which has truly completed the 3.6mm high-precision veneer rotary cutting.

Compared with other wood rotary cutting machines, the mechanical rotary cutting machine has the advantages of stable low-frequency torque characteristics, small length error of automatic rotary cutting board, excellent braking performance, sufficient wood rotary cutting, simple debugging, good overload capacity and environmental adaptability, etc. Through the above content related introduction, hope to call our company.

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