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Where can I buy Construction Formwork plywood production machinery

09 Jun,2020

Where can you buy construction plywood machinery? This problem meets the needs of enterprises that want to set up plywood production. At present, many plywood machinery manufacturers are unable to meet the needs of enterprises for machinery. Most of them purchase machinery through multiple plywood production enterprises. At present, Linyi Guoyu machinery can occasionally produce all the equipment on the plywood production line through technological innovation. These devices include these advantages:

Where can I buy Construction Formwork plywood production machinery

1. Simple operation and labor saving. From feeding, correction, cutting to cloth glue, splicing, stacking, pushing out one-time automatic completion.

2. The whole machine is driven by servo, which can control accurately, save materials, improve speed and reduce cost.

3. The high-precision control of servo motor is combined with unique synchronous drive to ensure effective control of overlap and seam separation.

4. The special high temperature and high strength silk thread can enhance the longitudinal tension and toughness of the product. The effect of thin plate is more significant.

5. The rapid cooling system makes the hot melt adhesive line stick to the bottom of the plate more evenly. %, about 80% of the board Repairers and 50% of the puttying workers are saved and improved.

6. High precision encoder count, less cutting error of finished products.


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