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Advantages of plywood boiler supplied by Guoyu machinery

03 Jun,2020

The boiler produced by Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has the following features: unique large combustion chamber structure design, three-way full wet back structure, maintaining super radiation heat transfer capacity, realizing low-temperature combustion, improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reducing NOx emissions, and high-efficiency environmental protection.

Advantages of plywood boiler supplied by Guoyu machinery

the use of threaded smoke pipe increases the heat transfer effect and improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.  the front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler adopt the multi-stage sealing mode, without smoke leakage.  it has large steam space and good steam quality;

Water level, steam pressure, exhaust gas temperature and other multiple protection, safe and reliable. high efficiency thermal insulation materials, to ensure low surface temperature of the boiler;

it is equipped with the boiler energy saver patented by Jin Yutai, which can save 5-15% of the fuel cost and upgrade the boiler to a condensing boiler;

set multi-point blowdown to make the heating surface of boiler cleaner.

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