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The integrated solution of veneer rotary cutting and cutting board with more than 60% labor reduction

01 Jun,2020

According to the annual production demand of 100000 cubic meters of veneer, we use the saw machine to automatically load materials, and one rounding machine corresponds to the working mode of two rotary cutting machines. We recommend the rotary cutting machine as the best scheme of production line veneer production for your reference.

The integrated solution of veneer rotary cutting and cutting board with more than 60% labor reduction

1、 Brief introduction
The main machine of the scheme adopts the most advanced sawing machine for automatic feeding and CNC rotary cutting machine, which is easy to maintain and operate. The sawmill can automatically load materials, one rounding machine corresponds to two rotary cutting machines, which saves 50% of equipment purchase cost and 50% of labor. According to the most conservative estimation of veneer thickness of 1.2mm, one assembly line can produce 28000 ㎥ m3 veneer in one year. Four production lines can produce 112000 cubic meters of single board (four production lines X one production line annual output 28000 ㎥ = 112000 ㎥).

2、 Main features
The outstanding features of the scheme are: first, automatic loading of wood, greatly liberating human labor; second, the host machine adopts the most advanced rotary cutting machine, which reduces one operator compared with the original "rotary cutting machine + plate cutting machine" combination mode, and the last plate cut by the rotary cutting machine is 100% standard tailboard; third, the use of wood conveyor saves 50% labor, and has higher efficiency.

3、 Allocation of workers and equipment
(1) Number of workers: 4 assembly lines X 1 assembly line requires 27 workers = 108 workers
(2) Number of devices. 4 assembly lines X 1 assembly line 12 equipment = 48 (sets) equipment.

4、 Summary
In a word, the materials are rising, the labor cost of enterprises is increasing, and the management difficulty of workers is increasing day by day. Further research and promotion of equipment automation, the flow line production line is urgent in Meijie, has also become the consensus of many business owners. The rotary cutting production line well integrates the latest rotary cutting machine technology, the transmission system is more reasonable, and the equipment is more stable. Using this system, the single board rotary cutting efficiency has been significantly improved, the product quality is even and stable, especially the reduction of labor force by more than 60%, which saves the cost, reduces the burden, and improves the business efficiency of the enterprise.

The highlights of the equipment are as follows:
(1) Log cutting saw
The chain conveyor is used to load the wood, and the cutting saw is used to distribute three saw blades. Under the transmission of the chain conveyor, the log is fed evenly, and the log is divided into (2.6m divided into two 1.3m)
(2) Dividing device
The two-way belt conveyor is used to cooperate with the log cutting saw to transfer the log to two peeling and rotating machines according to the left and right directions for rotating.
(3) Rotary peeling machine
(4) Dividing device
(5) Rotary cutting and shearing machine
The utility model relates to a new type of rotary cutting and shearing machine, which solves the process of manual cutting and mechanical cutting and saves the manual cutting.
(6) Automatic sucker stacker
The vacuum sucker manipulator is used instead of manual stacking. The stacking is neat and efficient, and the manual splicing is saved.

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