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What are the advantages of pickling machine?

13 Mar,2020

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. develops and produces the peeling and rounding machine with advanced technology and reliable quality. At present, these machines are used in plywood enterprises in many countries. Here I would like to share with you the advantages of these pickpockets and rounding machines? In this brief, for reference only!

(1) Single and double roll diameter, improve the speed of peeling.

(2) The surface of single and double rollers is plated with chromium to improve the wear resistance of rollers. After many experiments and theories combined with the surface of rollers, a straight groove with hook strand is adopted, which makes the wooden skin not easy to wrap the rollers and improves the production efficiency.

(3) After the mechanical experiment, the reasonable allocation of power can save unnecessary power waste and production cost for users.

(4) Each transmission part shall be coordinated reasonably and accurately to ensure the continuity and reliability of the equipment.

(5) The biggest feature is that the hydraulic feed structure is adopted, the feed and return tools are fast, and the feed pressure can be adjusted and displayed, which can adapt to different wood peeling and rounding.

(6) Scientific and reasonable cooperation of hydraulic power, manual self reset reversing valve, quick response, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low technical requirements for operators.

(7) The technical requirements for workers are not high. A peeling machine can supply 2-way rotary cutting machine to work normally, which can save the original manual peeling and rounding process and 5-6 people.

(8) Seamless metal oil pipe is used in the oil circuit to avoid over high oil pressure and bulging.

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