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The first choice for peeling and rounding machine

10 Mar,2020

Wood peeling is a time-consuming and laborious work in the process of veneer peeling. Now, Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has launched a new type of log peeling and rounding machine, which can peel off the bark of a log in a few seconds and at the same time round the logs with multiple knots and irregular scars. The thickness uniformity of the peeled logs can be more guaranteed when the peeled logs are peeled by a non stick rotary cutter.

The first choice for peeling and rounding machine

In general, a veneer peeling and rounding machine and a non card axis veneering machine can be used to spin veneers in a spinner factory. Today, with the rapid increase of human resource cost and serious lack of forest resources, no matter how to save human cost or improve the veneer quality, the use of our new type of raw wood peeling and rounding machine will be the good news for spinner factory.

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