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we supply plywood machinery veneer rotary line

09 Mar,2020

Plywood machinery veneer rotary line is a complete set of veneer raw material production line. The production line has some advanced numerical control system, which has a high degree of automation and can even save labor costs for plywood enterprises. Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has the core technology of a complete set of equipment.

we supply plywood machinery veneer rotary line

A complete plywood machinery veneer rotary line, its various parts of the mutual cooperation, can maximize the production efficiency of machinery.

The equipment of plywood machinery veneer rotary line is mainly composed of three parts, namely, log peeling equipment, log centering equipment and veneer rotary cutting equipment. For the log peeling equipment in many countries, until 2005, the raw materials I used to produce plywood were still imported, and most of the machinery and equipment produced in China were imitations. However, with the change of the demand for raw materials in many advanced technologies in China, a large number of plantation wood is adopted, which makes the traditional peeling equipment not suitable for today's production. As for veneer rotary cutting equipment, its main characteristics are large volume and complicated structure. It belongs to the key core equipment of veneer rotary cutting production line and plays a crucial role in the quality of veneer rotary cutting. In the process of selecting the rotary cutting machine, we can select the suitable specification according to the diameter grade of the processed log. In the field of log centering equipment, before 2003 in China, the centering principle was based on the application of halo, similar to BD 1516 / 26 and other centering machines. But in recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the types of mind set have been greatly enriched. And began to gradually use numerical control, pneumatic and hydraulic and other advanced science and technology to carry out automatic centering of logs, so as to integrate centering and upper wood in function. The application of this new technology greatly improves the efficiency of the production line of veneer and the quality of veneer.

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