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How to spin cut high-quality veneer

20 Apr,2023

To select high-quality veneer, advanced peeling machines are first needed. The peeling machines designed and produced by Linyi Guoyu Machinery adopt an improved design, which can perform various veneer peeling operations.

Methods for improving the quality of sliced veneer

① Change the cutting motion mode of the planer to make the cutting tool move diagonally up and down relative to the direction of wood fibers, resulting in a smaller actual (working) wedge angle of the blade, reduced cutting resistance, less impact, and light and fast planer cutting, which can improve the quality of the thin plate.

② When the wood ray is not developed, the wood should be planed along the annual ring when cutting; When the wood ray is developed, it should be planed and cut against the annual ring.

③ When feeding, oblique cutting is used to reduce planer vibration and veneer tearing, thereby improving veneer quality.

④ The material of the cutting tool must reach a certain hardness and toughness, and the grinding angle of the cutting tool should be different according to the different tree species. In addition, the shape of the cutting tool and the relative position of the cutting tool and the pressure gauge also have a significant impact on the quality.

Method for improving the quality of rotary cut veneer

① Master the cooking temperature of the wood section.

② When using low alloy tool steel cutting tools, the surface must be treated to improve the required hardness and toughness of the tool during rotary cutting; Ensure that the wedge angle, back angle, and blade sharpness of the cutting tool meet the requirements. In addition, the pressing rate of the inner and outer veneers and the tree species themselves are also important factors.

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