Advantages and characteristics of wood processing with veneer peeling

1. Compared with the traditional equipment, the rotary cutting machine mainly adopts the change of change gear on the transmission chain to realize the requirements of veneer with different thickness, which is cumbersome in operation, high in labor intensity and low in automation. More steel whips are used, and the veneer thickness can be set according to the production requirements. The complex adjustment of veneer thickness is greatly simplified, the auxiliary time is reduced and the production efficiency is improved.

2. The high automation of the rotary cutting process is realized. The intelligent rotary cutting machine equipment adopts the microcomputer programmable controller, electronic text display, frequency converter and numerical control circuit technology, and reasonable mechanical structure design, which realizes the high automation of the whole process from feeding to rotary cutting.

3. The quality of veneer is greatly improved. According to the thickness of veneer, the intelligent CNC system of the intelligent CNC rotary cutting machine can automatically detect the rotary linear speed of the rotary log and automatically adjust the feed speed, so that the veneer thickness is more uniform and the veneer quality is higher.

4. The labor cost of rotary cutting veneer is reduced. Rotary cutting has high precision, high efficiency and high degree of automation. It reduces the number of operators, saves labor, reduces labor intensity and reduces the manufacturing cost of veneer.

5. Using new mechanical optimization structure design, the structure is more reasonable, the precision is greatly improved, the performance is stable, and the cost performance ratio is more reasonable.

6. High safety and stability, in the production process, small size, small footprint, one key operation, more stable and safe operation, will not affect the operator and other.