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How much does a set of veneer peeling machines cost

20 Apr,2023

The veneer peeling machine is a type of equipment used for producing veneer, whose main function is to rotate and cut logs into veneer. Veneer is a wood processing product, which is widely used in furniture, architecture, automobile, aviation and other fields. So how much does a set of veneer peeling machines cost? Let's take a closer look.

veneer peeling machines cost

1、 Equipment type and brand There are various types and brands of veneer peeling machines, and the prices vary accordingly. According to the quality, production capacity, and configuration of the equipment, the price ranges from several hundred thousand yuan to millions of yuan. High end brand veneer peeling machines are relatively expensive, while ordinary brand equipment is relatively cheap.

2、 Equipment specifications and production capacity The specifications and production capacity of the veneer peeling machine are also important factors affecting equipment prices. Generally speaking, the larger the equipment specification, the higher the production capacity, and the higher the price. Generally speaking, the production capacity of a veneer peeling machine is between 200-500 sheets per hour, and the equipment specifications are between 2-4 meters. The prices corresponding to different specifications and production capacity also vary.

veneer peeling machines cost

3、 Configuration and additional devices The configuration and additional equipment of the veneer peeling machine are also important factors affecting the price. For example, the price of additional equipment such as control systems, cutting tools, cutting machines, punching machines, and automatic feeding systems can also affect the price of veneer peeling machines. In addition, some customized demands can also lead to an increase in equipment prices.

4、 After sales service and maintenance costs The veneer peeling machine requires regular maintenance and upkeep during use, which is also an important factor in equipment price. Some high-end brands of equipment have relatively complete after-sales service and maintenance, but maintenance costs are also relatively high. However, some ordinary brand equipment has relatively low maintenance costs.

The price of a single board peeling machine varies depending on factors such as brand, specifications, production capacity, and additional equipment. Generally speaking, the price of a single board peeling machine ranges from several hundred thousand yuan to millions of yuan. If you need to purchase a veneer peeling machine, it is recommended that you first understand various brands and types of equipment in the market, choose equipment that is suitable for your own production and economic strength, and negotiate prices and after-sales service with the manufacturer.

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