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It is necessary to lubricate and maintain the rotary cutting machine

20 Aug,2020

The products manufactured by the manufacturer of rotary cutting machine can be used in many industries. In order to ensure the quality of products, there are many matters needing attention. Now let's carefully understand the knowledge introduction in this respect?

It is necessary to lubricate and maintain the rotary cutting machine

Generally, lubricating oil and grease are mainly used for the lubrication of rotary cutting machine. The lubricating oil is liquid. The higher the rotating speed of the machine, the smaller the viscosity of the lubricating oil used; non liquid friction is easy to occur, and the oil with higher viscosity should be used; when the friction surface is rough, the oil with higher viscosity should be used, whereas the one with low viscosity should be used. Grease is solid. Its advantages are simple sealing, no need to change frequently and wide adaptability. However, it has poor fluidity and poor thermal conductivity, so it can not be used as circulating lubricant.

Rotary cutting machine has been in high efficiency work, daily maintenance can effectively avoid wear and tear of the machine, resulting in machine damage, which is conducive to improve the service life of the machine and improve production efficiency.

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