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Intelligent rotary cutting machine -- the first choice of Linyi Guoyu machinery

20 Jul,2020

In today's information age, the pursuit of production efficiency and mechanized production has become a development trend. No matter which industry, they are paying attention to efficiency and gradually reducing labor costs. And the indelible is the production of production tools, for the production of plywood, a high-quality rotary cutting machine can greatly improve the production efficiency. Many people began to wonder, there are so many rotary cutting machines on the market, how to choose? Here, we recommend a rotary cutting machine of Xingtai Guoyu machinery. Many performances of the rotary cutting machine are better than those of the same industry. Here is a brief introduction.

Intelligent rotary cutting machine -- the first choice of Linyi Guoyu machinery

For this kind of machine, the most important thing is full automation, manual only need to carry out simple debugging and monitoring. After simple operation, the next step is to test the performance of the machine itself. Guoyu machinery through years of professional research, CNC system and rotary cutting machine perfect combination. The original rigid machine intelligent, so that not only improve the quality of plywood factory, but also greatly improve the accuracy. Although many manufacturers can do it, but for the production of large batches, the failure rate is high. In this way, other labor forces will inevitably be used to coordinate. The reason why Guoyu rotary cutting machine can be warmly welcomed by many enterprises is because of its superior performance.

Through digital control, the wood blocks with different thickness can be treated uniformly, so that the finished products will not be changed due to the wood blocks. For the knife block, we can rest assured that the rotary cutting machine will carry out strict inspection and product quality inspection before leaving the factory. Even if working for a long time, the cutter face will not be damaged greatly. And Guoyu machinery for the product after-sales service is also very first-class, any rotary cutting machine maintenance and problems will be timely communication to solve. It is suggested that when you purchase this kind of equipment, you should choose a large company such as Guoyu machinery. The professional technology and service quality are worthy of our trust and choice.

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Intelligent rotary cutting machine -- the first choice of Linyi Guoyu machinery
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