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Plywood machinery manufacturer Linyi Guoyu machinery business develops rapidly

06 Jun,2020

In the near future, with the efforts of all the staff of Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd., our plywood machinery has received orders from many countries in South Asia, with a substantial increase in the volume of shipment, which is the recognition of Linyi Guoyu machinery products by customers in South Asia. We are very happy about this. The recognition of our customers has made our staff full of energy. Only constantly strive to improve the production process of machinery, research and development of new technology, so that the company can provide customers with better plywood machinery.

Plywood machinery manufacturer Linyi Guoyu machinery business develops rapidly

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd., a plywood machinery manufacturer, has developed rapidly in its business and doubled its sales volume. After strict quality control, Linyi Guoyu Co., Ltd. can improve the quality of its own equipment and provide a good answer for ensuring the safety of consumers' lives. As long as consumers are satisfied, Veneer rotary cutting machine, hot press, planking machine and other plywood machinery manufacturers can embark on a steady and rapid development path. China is a large international consumer and importer of plywood machinery. Last year, the total industrial output value of plywood machinery industry in China increased by 30% year on year. However, planning is not equal to quality. Domestic plywood machinery, which continues to increase in quantity, has encountered quality bottlenecks. There are many questions, such as the lack of market share in the middle and high-end market, and the need to improve the brand image of the whole industry, which have led to high attention in the industry.

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