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Maintenance of hydraulic system of hot press

03 Jun,2020

For the maintenance of the hydraulic system of the hot press and the operation of the hydraulic system, it is necessary to establish and implement the duty system for teams and individuals, and special personnel shall be assigned to patrol during the operation. All kinds of pipe joints shall be inspected regularly to prevent looseness and leakage caused by long-term vibration. Pay attention to the hearing inspection for each oil pump unit. If any abnormal noise is found, it must be shut down for maintenance immediately. This is often not strictly enforced.

Maintenance of hydraulic system of hot press

In some cases, in order to catch up with the task or to be reluctant to press the slab, the production unit continues to operate reluctantly after finding the abnormal sound, resulting in greater damage and longer-term shutdown. This is an approach that is not worth the cost and should be given full attention. For the leakage of various valves and pipe joints, sometimes small leakage will not be noticed, resulting in damage.

For example, when the lifting cage of the hydraulic lifting machine is installed with slab, sometimes it will stop working for a long time. If the oil pipe joint of the lifting cylinder leaks oil, the lifting cage will slowly fall, but the slab will not fall due to the block of the conveyor chain. As a result, the lifting cage bracket will be damaged. Therefore, try to make the hydraulic system drip oil without leakage. For the use of oil pump, attention shall be paid to whether the closing and boosting time are kept within the time specified in the process. If it is found that the closing and boosting time have been extended, the oil pump must be repaired or replaced.

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