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The development and application of the intelligent numerical control spindleless machine

11 May,2020

This paper introduces the features of the intelligent CNC non card axis rotary cutting machine, such as with skin rotary cutting, fully automatic operation, high rotary cutting efficiency, low labor cost, high quality of single board, saving wood resources, etc. it also introduces the driving mechanism, operation and feed driving machine of the base, cutter bed, single seat and double seat This paper introduces the structure of the intelligent CNC non card axis rotary cutting machine and its main technical parameters and application requirements.

Rotary cutting machine is the key equipment of veneer rotary cutting in plywood production line. The use of veneer rotary cutting machine in China has a long history. Since 1949, with the development of more than half a century, the manufacture and use of veneer rotary cutting machine in China, especially the simple shaftless rotary cutting machine, has basically reached the level of developed countries, but there is still a big gap in the efficiency, precision and utilization of wood. In recent years, although many kinds of spindleless cutters have been developed and designed in China, which have been successfully put into the market, and effectively solved the problem of secondary Spindler cutting of small-diameter wood and remaining wood core with Spindler, there are few high-precision, high-efficiency and fully automatic spindleless cutters, and few of them have good effect in the market. Through our efforts in the past few years, we have designed and developed this full-automatic high-speed and efficient intelligent CNC card free rotary cutting machine. Through market verification and user use in recent years, the effect is quite satisfactory.

1. The characteristics of the intelligent CNC lathe without clamping shaft

(1) Save resources. The traditional simple non card rotary cutting machine

The author is brief: 1967-, male and senior engineer, specializing in research design and manufacture of building materials machinery and agricultural machinery such as plywood processing machinery, stone processing machinery, etc. The remaining wood core is larger and the utilization rate of wood is lower. The intelligent CNC non card axis rotary cutting machine is mainly applicable to the secondary re cutting of small-diameter logs below 300 IMN and the remaining cores of the card rotary cutting machine. The remaining cores after rotary cutting can be as small as 15 mm, greatly improving the wood utilization rate.

(2) High production efficiency. The traditional simple spindleless veneer cutter mainly uses the change of the change gear on the transmission chain to achieve the requirements of veneer cutting with different thickness, which is cumbersome operation, high labor intensity and low automation. By using the intelligent numerical control non card axis rotary cutting machine, the log can be directly turned on the machine without peeling, and the veneer rotary cutting thickness can be set by itself according to the production requirements, which greatly simplifies the complicated debugging of veneer thickness, reduces the auxiliary time and improves the production efficiency.

(3) The high automation of the rotary cutting process is realized. The intelligent numerical control non card axis rotary cutting machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller, electronic text display, frequency converter and numerical control circuit technology with reasonable mechanical structure design to realize the high automation of the whole process from feeding to rotary cutting.

(4) The quality of veneer is greatly improved. The intelligent CNC system of the intelligent CNC non card axis rotary cutting machine can automatically detect the rotary linear speed of the rotary cutting log and automatically adjust the feed speed according to the veneer rotary cutting thickness set by the user, so that the veneer thickness of the rotary cutting is more uniform and the veneer quality is higher.

(5) The labor cost of veneer rotary cutting is reduced. The high automation of the intelligent CNC non card axis rotary cutting machine and the rotary cutting technology of the log belt skin reduce the peeling process and cost of the log, reduce the start-up operator, save the labor force, reduce the labor intensity, and reduce the manufacturing cost of the rotary cutting veneer.

(6) The new type of machinery is adopted to optimize the structural design, which makes the structure more reasonable, the accuracy greatly improved, the performance stable and the cost performance more reasonable.

(7) The electrostatic spray technology, which is superior to the traditional spray technology in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, has been adopted to improve the product grade and surface quality.

2. Structure of the intelligent CNC lathe without clamping shaft 2.1 base structure
The working process of the machine is required to be stable and the machine has no vibration, so the structure of the base is very important. The casting with box structure is used for the base, which is processed after aging treatment to ensure the installation benchmark and position requirements; the box structure with middle plate assembly welding can also be used, but it must be subject to effective vibration aging treatment to eliminate the welding internal stress to the maximum extent, prevent the welding deformation from bringing the change of benchmark and accuracy to the whole machine and affecting the veneer rotary cutting quality.
2.2 structure of cutter bed
The strength of cutter bed is one of the important factors that affect the quality of veneer rotary cutting. The cutter bed adopts the casting of polygonal box structure with an angle of 20 ~ 25 ° for aging treatment and precision machining; it can also adopt the vibration aging treatment after the middle plate welding. 2.3 structure of single roller seat (also known as caliper roller seat).After the single roller seat and the single roller are combined, they are used together with the cutter bed to adjust the size of the cutter gap during the single plate rotary cutting, so as to ensure the uniform thickness of the single plate rotary cutting. The casting with rectangular box structure is used for single base, aging treatment; the rectangular box structure with medium plate welding can also be used, vibration aging treatment.
2.4 double roller seat structure
As the same as single roller seat, the casting or middle plate with rectangular structure shall be aging treated after welding to ensure sufficient strength.
2.5 transmission mechanism
Compared with the common non card axis rotary cutting machine, the Intelligent NC non card axis rotary cutting machine greatly simplifies the tedious design of the transmission mechanism. The feed mechanism no longer uses the chain wheel and gear transmission, and the change wheel mechanism is also omitted. The frequency conversion speed regulating motor is used to drive the feed wire through the synchronous reducer; the feed screw is adopted With precision drive rectangular lead screw, the drive pair adopts adjustable main and auxiliary nut machine
The structure has the characteristics of small wear, high mechanical efficiency, stable movement and high precision, which makes the feed accurate, the thickness of single plate uniform, durable and precise transmission; the double roller power adopts independent motor synchronous transmission; the single roller also adopts independent motor synchronous transmission.
2.6 operation control system
According to the principle of constant linear speed and the functional relationship between the feed speed of the lathe and the rotation speed of the driving roller, the diameter of the log and the thickness of the veneer, the intelligent CNC system of the lathe without the chuck, which combines the measurement technology, microelectronics technology, automation technology and modern machinery manufacturing technology, is adopted.
2.7 single and double roll structure
Adopting the structure of cross roll in series, it has stronger grasping force for log during rotary cutting, can realize the rotary cutting with skin, make the rotary cutting more efficient, reduce labor intensity and production cost; the diameter of the remaining log axis of rotary cutting is smaller, the utilization rate of wood is higher, and the single board rotary cutting is more flat.
2.8 slotting adjustment mechanism
Step motor and gear drive automatic adjustment mechanism are adopted to make the veneer smooth and uniform (the high-quality wood can reach ± 0.05mm), and the finish is better than the veneer of ordinary non clamped shaft veneer cutting machine. The remaining wood shaft will not appear square shaft. In the process of rotary cutting There will be no chipping and jumping of the knife, and the veneer rotated out will not have convex concave plate (also known as corrugated plate) and broken tensile defects.
2.9 installation of rotary cutter
Adopting the reverse installation method with an inclination of about 23 ° and a wide and thickened rotary cutter, the rigidity of the rotary cutter is better, the resistance of the wood to the rotary cutter body during the rotary cutting process is smaller, and the service life of the rotary cutter body is longer, which is suitable for rotary cutting of all kinds of suitable rotary wood and has a wider application range.
2.10 feed drive mechanism
The traditional rotary cutting machine basically uses the cutter bed to feed the rotary cutting, the Intelligent NC non card rotary cutting machine cutter bed is fixed with the frame and the base, the single roller and the single roller seat cooperate with the cutter bed, automatically adjust the size of the cutter gap during the rotary cutting, the feed screw drives the mechanism of the double roller seat rotary cutting the single plate, so that the single plate of the rotary cutting is more uniform and flat The machine runs more stable, the feed has no impact and vibration, and the structure is more reasonable.

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