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PLC system automatic trimming machine

29 Jul,2020

According to the market situation, our company solemnly introduces the PLC system automatic edge sawing machine with low price and high quality, which is a full-automatic edge sawing machine with good stability, high output and fast speed.

PLC system automatic trimming machine

PLC system automatic edge sawing machine is suitable for multi-layer board, blockboard, building formwork, decorative board, container bottom plate and other plates. Its features are as follows:

1. Save manpower, easy to learn and use, small size, light weight and low energy consumption.

2. PLC uses storage logic instead of wiring logic, which reduces the external wiring of control equipment and makes maintenance easier.

3. Automatic lifting table.

4. Electricity is the soul of machinery. The use of plastic spray dust-free electric cabinet and laser cutting technology greatly increases the service life of electrical appliances, ensures the stability of equipment and reduces the failure rate of electrical appliances.

This product is suitable for saw edge of particleboard, density board, Malacca, plywood, blockboard, multilayer board, fireproof board, melamine base plate, building formwork, plastic steel membrane board, bamboo cross board, flame retardant board, packaging board, etc.

More Paramters:

Equipment system Siemens PLC system
Processing thickness 3-60mm
Processing size 1220X2440+20mm
Blade Diameter 305mm
Saw blade speed 6100RPM
Feeding speed 0-30m/min
Equipped with power 40kw


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