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Plywood mechanical equipment automatic edge saw

14 May,2020


Plywood mechanical equipment automatic edge saw

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies full-automatic edge saw with technical performance as follows:

Plywood mechanical servo full-automatic edge sawing machine, which integrates the advantages of step system / PIC system.

1. The servo system motor output power is stable, without using any sensor proximity switch, which avoids the phenomenon of sawing the plate caused by the failure or sudden power failure or damage of the sensor and proximity switch, and avoids the cumbersome of too many often damaged switches of the edge saw.

2. The system can memorize the position of the motor (SAW edge). Even when the power is cut off suddenly, the original position can be automatically detected by changing the position of the artificial equipment. The servo system can automatically diagnose and detect the external environment of the saw edge process, and can manually monitor whether the solenoid valve is damaged.

3. Servo full-automatic edge sawing machine, with a more human-oriented design concept, caters to any requirements needed for edge sawing in the plate industry, and is easier to operate.

4. Manual / automatic start-up is an integrated operation mode. The automatic lifting table positioning uses integrated positioning function and automatic stacking, which makes the sawed boards more neat and easier to pack and scrape putty, reduces the cost of the board industry and improves the power for the enterprise market competition.

This product is suitable for cutting edge of particleboard, density board, Malacca, plywood, joinery board, multilayer board, fireproof board, melamine base plate, building formwork, plastic steel membrane board, bamboo cross board, flame retardant board, packaging board, etc.

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