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Plywood multi blade edge saw

06 Dec,2019

The professional machinery manufacturers of plywood multi blade saw, ecological board multi blade saw, foot pier machine and other woodworking machinery have gathered a group of professional equipment technicians with rich theoretical and practical experience in the domestic machinery industry. In the past two years, we have been devoting ourselves to the research and development of woodworking machinery with domestic advanced level, which has become the necessary equipment for many wood processing plants and sold well in many provinces and regions across the country. At one time, the supply of woodworking machinery was in short supply. It has been widely used in solid wood flooring, solid wood composite board, solid wood panel, solid wood finger joint board, packaging materials, solid wood furniture, wood pallet and other wood processing industries.

plywood multi blade saw

Products Paramters

Model:  1300 multi blade saw
Processing width:  adjustable within 1300mm
Machining thickness:  adjustable within 35mm
Equipped with power:  main motor 15kw
Dedusting fan:  2.2kwx2 sets
Drive motor:  1.5kw
Speed:  variable frequency speed regulation
Overall dimension:  2300mm × 2000mm × 1300mm
Weight: 1800kg

Features of this multi blade saw

1. Humanized design of working platform, easy and smooth feeding
2. The feeding motor is equipped with energy-saving frequency converter, the speed control feeding is more stable and smooth, and the saw mouth is more smooth.
3. This product has exquisite technology to ensure the balance and the accuracy of the opening size during high-speed operation.
4. Suitable for wood processing plant, furniture plant, packaging plant, decoration material plant, etc., mainly processing the whole building formwork, fine
Wood board, wood floor, density board, etc. because of the rising wages of workers, rising electricity costs, rising costs and smaller profits, wood processing plants urgently need energy-saving equipment to replace the old products. This multi blade saw just caters to the current trend. It has a wide range of materials and can process multiple wide plates at one time, which is fast, greatly improving the production efficiency, expanding the profit space, and the products produced are bright and clean, neat, without indentation, and without material damage, which improves the market competitiveness.
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