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36-48 foot adjustable automatic edge saw

28 Mar,2020

36-48 foot adjustable automatic edge saw

Performance of automatic edge saw supplied by Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd.:

Name 36-48 foot adjustable automatic edge saw
Equipped system Beijing servo system
Feeding speed(M / min) 0-30
Processing thickness (mm) 3-60
Machining dimension (mm) 915×12201830×2440
Boundary dimension (mm) 7000×5000×1800
Saw blade diameter (mm) Φ305
Saw blade speed (RPM / Mn) 6200
Saw blade motor power (kw) 7.5
Equipped with power (kw) 38
weight (kg) 6000

1. The 36-48 foot adjustable full-automatic edge sawing machine adopts servo control system, does not use any sensor and proximity switch, and has memory function (remember the position of the edge sawing plate), which avoids the phenomenon of sawing the plate due to the failure of the sensor and proximity switch, and avoids the tedious removal of the sensor proximity switch which is often damaged. With servo motor traction, two axis linkage, high speed, large output, arbitrary program setting, two people operation, greatly reducing the labor cost.

2. The size of sawing edge is 36-48, which can be adjusted at will. One machine can solve the problem of sawing edge of different size plates.

3. It is made of pure pig iron base with stable operation and high precision. It adopts pure imported bearing and circulating lubricating oil, with long service life.

4. It adopts 8 saw shafts to run at 8200 rpm, with underline function, fully solves the problems of bottoming, burring, core pulling, etc., and the saw edge is smooth without grinding.

5. Infrared positioning, automatic plate arrangement, load type track saw edge, four cylinder positioning, high straightness of plate edge, no angle adjustment.

6. Automatic lifting platform, automatic stacking. The lifting platform plate limiter is installed to solve the problem of uneven plate packing.

7. The automatic edge saw has the effect of up and down dedusting, which is environmental protection and clean.

This product is suitable for cutting edge of particleboard, density board, Malacca, plywood, joinery board, multilayer board, fireproof board, melamine base plate, building formwork, plastic steel membrane board, bamboo cross board, flame retardant board, packaging board, etc.

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