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Servo high precision automatic edge sawing machine

06 Jul,2020

Servo high precision automatic edge sawing machine


Finished material processing size(mm) 48feet(adjustable range: length 2440-2460, width:1220-1240)
Processing thickness(mm) 10-60
Side diameter(mm) ф305
Feeding speed of longitudinal saw(m/min) 30-60
Feeding speed of cross saw(m/min) 30-60
Linear speed of saw blade(m/s) 90-120
Total power of equipment(kw) 37


Servo Automatic plywood edge sawing machine, which integrates the advantages of stepping system / PIC system. The motor power output of the servo system is more stable, and no sensor proximity switch is used, which avoids the phenomenon of sawing the board due to the sensor and proximity switch failure or sudden power failure or damage, and avoids the tedious work of frequently damaged and replaced various switches of the edge sawing machine.

Servo Automatic plywood edge sawing machine, with a more humanized design concept, caters to any requirements of the board industry for edge sawing, and its operation is simpler. Manual / automatic start is an integrated operation mode. The automatic lifting table positioning uses integrated positioning function and automatic stacking, which makes the sawn boards more tidy and easier to pack and apply putty. It can save energy, reduce the cost of the plate industry, and enhance the power for enterprise market competition.

This product is suitable for saw edge of particleboard, density board, Malacca, plywood, blockboard, multilayer board, fireproof board, melamine base plate, building formwork, plastic steel membrane board, bamboo cross board, flame retardant board, packaging board, etc.

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