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The price of plywood machine hot-press machine

05 Nov,2019

Friends who need to know the price of plywood hot press machine can call the manufacturer to inquire.The plywood hot press is one of the main equipments in the plywood production process. It is used to heat-glue the slab after the glue is combined. Different types of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the press: ordinary plywood, aviation The pressure required for the manufacture of plywood, plastic veneers, wood laminated plastic panels, and marine plywood increases in turn. The plywood hot press is divided into two types according to the operation mode: the periodic multi-layer hot press. It consists of three main parts: the hot press body, the control drive part (hydraulic system and electronic control system), and the heating system.

plywood machine hot press machine


Hot Press Parameters
pressure range 500T
upper beam 900mm
cylinder 360mm*2pcs
middle beam 400mm
stroke of cylinder 1050mm
bottom cylinder 900mm
hot platen 2700*1370*42mm
power 18.5kw
number of layers 15 layers
overall dimension 3550*1370*4200mm
inter lamellar space 70mm
steel thickness 35mm
close time 20 seconds
frame combination
hydraulic station 280 sahnghai aviation pump 1 only
high pressure pump m25High pressure pump 1 only
weight 33T

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