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plywood machine multifunctional automatic hot press machine

15 Oct,2019

Hot pressing system,heating system,heat conduction system,light and meticulous design,low heat consumption,uniform heat conduction,mechanism to set up the surface of the hot pressing machine,reasoable,high precision machining parts,process paramters to adjust a wide range of contol process design is reasonable...

plywood machine hot press

Technical parameters

Plywood Machine Hot press JJZ-HP15 JJZ-HP15
Pressure range 400T 500T
Upper beam 900mm 900mm
Cylinder 320mm*2pcs 360mm*2pcs
Middle beam 400mm 400mm
Stroke of cylinder 1050mm 1050mm
Bottom beam 900mm 900mm
Hot platen 2700*1370*42mm 2700*1370*42mm
Power 18.5kw 18.5kw
Number of layers 15 layers 15 layers
Overall dimension 3550*1370*4200mm 3550*1370*4200mm
Inter lamellar space 70mm 70mm
Steel thickness 35mm 35mm
Close time 20 seconds 20 seconds
Frame combination combination
Hydraulic station 280Shanghai aviation pump 1 only 280Shanghai aviation pump 1 only<
Hign pressure pump m25High pressure pump 1 only m25High pressure pump 1 only
Weight 32T 33T


1. The main frame id made of high quality international steel plate for one time,the structure is simple,the design is reasable,the strength is good,the load bearing pressure is big.
2.Microcomputer control,high degree of automation,high reliability,easy adjustment,long service life.

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