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500t hot plate hydraulic Hot Press/plywood hot press machinery/heat machine press

19 Sep,2019

500T hot press  
total pressure 500T
Board feeding direction transverse
layer spacing 70mm
number of hot press plate 16 pcs
hot press plate size 2700*1370*42mm
cylinder ⌀360mm*2pcs
stroke 1050mm
comperssion reslstance 25mpa
power 23kw
overall dimension 3550*1370*4650mm
weight 35T
working methods full automatic
composite frame assemble
upper and bottom beam 900mm
middle Beam 400mm
thickness of the frame 35mm Q235
plywood hot press machinery
Plywood hot press machinery is the main pressure equipment used by plywood companies to produce plywood. It will multi-layer veneer, and phenolic glue hot-drying, after sawing to form a complete plywood, these plywood can be used for engineering construction, or home decoration. The quality of plywood hot pressing machinery is related to the quality of the plywood produced. Therefore, the order of the hot press must pay attention to the quality of the product. The pressure of the hot press is insufficient, which will lead to many quality problems such as the opening of the plywood.
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