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How to install the veneer cutter for veneer peeling machine

20 Nov,2019

When installing the rotary cutter on the wood rotary cutting machine, the two sides of the knife should be kept at the same height. Put the rotary cutter into the sipe, first tighten one of the nuts, and adjust the support screws to make the cutters at both ends suitable. The middle of the machine blade of the anti-bending roller does not have to be raised and all the tweezers are fastened.

rotary peeling machine

The maximum diameter of the knife bed was retracted to the rotary cutting section, and the initial and rear angles were measured by a goniometer. If the initial angle is not consistent with the initial angle specified in the rotary cutting process, the eccentric disk can be adjusted by the adjusting device so that the initial angle is equal to the value specified in the rotary cutting process; the knife bed is advanced to the wood core, and then Determine the final angle and observe whether the back angle variation range and the diameter of the wood segment are appropriate. If there is no measuring angle meter, after adjusting the knife, it is necessary to adjust the back angle by experience. When turning the cutting, pay attention to observe whether the feeding knife is stable, and observe the bright width of the friction between the blade and the wood surface to judge whether it is suitable.

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