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How to maintain the plywood machine rotary cutter

21 Aug,2020

We often use the products of plywood machine rotary cutting machine manufacturers in the wood manufacturing industry. In order to ensure the quality of the products, it is necessary to maintain them. Now let's carefully understand the knowledge of this aspect?

How to maintain the plywood machine rotary cutter

We know that the material of the product is metal. In order to ensure that the product will not be excessively worn, the impurities in the equipment need to be cleaned after each use. Secondly, after each shutdown, it is necessary to check whether all parts are in good condition. This is to ensure the normal use of the equipment. In order to prevent wear and tear, we usually need to apply it to the parts that need lubrication Lubricating oil to prevent wear.

In the process of purchasing anti-skid oil, we must pay attention to purchase according to the performance of the product. If we use lubricating oil that does not meet the requirements, it may affect the normal use of the product and bring us great losses.

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