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Precautions for correct use of rotary cutting machine

13 Aug,2020

The products manufactured by the manufacturer of rotary cutting machine are one of the products that can be used in many industries. What should be paid attention to in the process of use? Now let's have a detailed understanding?

In fact, when we use the equipment, we need to start the air blower motor first and then the main motor when starting the machine. When the cutter roller speed is stable, we can start the feeding system. When we stop feeding chips, we must first turn off the feeding system. When the knife roller cannot cut wood, we can turn off the main motor. The above sequence must not be reversed. When fastening flying knives and bottom knives, the torque plate buckle torque increaser must be used to accurately express the torque and tighten according to the specified torque value.

The flying knife must be replaced at one time in a whole set. The grinding amount of the two flying knives should be the same to ensure the same weight; the cooling liquid must be added during grinding, otherwise the blade will be overheated and burned or the blade will be rolled, which will reduce the blade's durability.

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