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How to maintain the card free rotary cutting machine

20 Aug,2020

Card free rotary cutting machine is one of the articles we often use, which can be used in many industries. In order to ensure the quality of the products, we can analyze them from many aspects. Now let's have a detailed understanding of it?

How to maintain the card free rotary cutting machine

In fact, before using the product, we need to read the product manual carefully, fully understand the function and use method of the rotary cutter, and then install and debug it. Before starting the rotary cutting machine, all parts should be carefully checked, all fasteners should be in a reliable locking state, and the rotating parts should not be blocked. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical control in the rotary cutting machine should be operated in strict accordance with the manual. No one is allowed to stand between the two knife rest rollers of the rotary cutting machine.

When using the rotary cutter, the operator should carefully read the operation manual and fully understand before installation, adjustment and use. If the position of the rear limit switch changes due to other reasons, please readjust the position of the photoelectric switch according to the size marked on the data plate of the machine tool.

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