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Maintenance place of card free rotary cutting machine

08 Aug,2020

Card free rotary cutting machine is one of the equipment that we often use in the wood manufacturing industry. After using for a period of time, we find that the products are easy to be worn. Now let's take a closer look at it?

We know that the long-time work of the product will lead to its performance loss. Before using the product, we should carefully read the product manual before using it, and fully understand the function and use method of the rotary cutter, and then install and debug it. Before starting the rotary cutting machine, all parts should be carefully checked, all fasteners should be in a reliable locking state, and the rotating parts should not be blocked. No one is allowed to stand between the two knife rest rollers of the rotary cutting machine.

In order to ensure the quality of products, we need to pay attention to the regular manufacturers to buy, because the products manufactured by such manufacturers fully meet the requirements, which brings us great benefits.

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