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What should be paid attention to in the cutting operation of the edge saw

29 Jul,2020

Although the edge sawing machine products can be mechanized, with the advantages of improving work efficiency and saving labor force, we should pay attention to all aspects of safety matters in the actual operation, such as cutting, in order to achieve its real function.

The manufacturer reminds us that before using the edge sawing machine for cutting, the saw blade must be idled and stabilized before cutting, and the rotation of the saw blade can not be stopped in the middle of the cutting process, and the rotation of the numerical control edge sawing machine can only be stopped after the cutting objects exit the saw edge; moreover, in the process of cutting, if the saw blade has obvious deceleration or even knife clamping phenomenon, it is necessary to Stop to adjust, because it may be that the belt is slipping, the compression nut is loose, or the cutting depth is too large, and the cutting speed is too fast. It needs to be solved before cutting again to realize safe operation.

To understand the necessary precautions for the operation of the edge sawing machine is the knowledge that every operator must master. I hope the above contents will be helpful to you. We will continue to provide you with the professional knowledge explained by the manufacturer. Please call us for advice.

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