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Whether the cold press can be changed to a hot press and how to avoid slow heating

14 Nov,2019

1. What is the current method of heating the hot press?
The specific answer given by the hot press manufacturer is:
The heating operation of the hot press is preceded by embedding an electric heating rod in a hot stamping die or a hot pressing plate for direct heating. Although it has the advantage of less heat loss, the heating is uneven and the electric heating rod is easily damaged. Therefore, the use of a heat transfer oil heater for indirect heating of the hot stamper or the hot press plate can avoid these disadvantages and problems, but is slightly larger in heat loss.
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2. Multi-layer hot press, which can be used to produce multi-layer plywood?
Multi-layer hot press, which is one of the hot presses, which is used for the specific use, according to the manufacturer of the hot press, for the suppression of multi-layer plywood, particle board and fiberboard of various densities, and each time Simultaneously press multiple sheets. In terms of pressure selection, it can be two types of hydraulic pressure and steam pressure.
3. Cold press, can it be changed to hot press? What kind of material is the hot platen in the hot press?
The cold press can be changed to a hot press, as long as the cold press presses the upper and lower plates to open the hot runner, and an additional heat transfer oil heater is provided. In the hot runner, the circulating heat transfer oil is taken to play the role of heating the pressure plate. The hot pressing plate in the hot press machine is generally made of an aluminum alloy plate and has a raised cast iron.
4. How to avoid the problem of slow heating rate during the use of plywood hot press?
Plywood hot press, which is one of the hot presses. In the process of use, it is necessary to avoid the problem of slow heating rate. Then, the hot press manufacturer believes that it is necessary to do the following work. , is: the steam pressure should be within the appropriate and normal range, the steam drum hole and the return water remain unobstructed, and there is no debris attached to the equipment.
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