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Precautions for cleaning boiler heat exchanger

07 Nov,2019

When the heat exchanger increases with the scale, the heat exchanger can be blocked and the safety production can be triggered. Different production equipment, the heat exchanger is different in scale, the main dirt is scale, slime, coking, corrosion products. Therefore, the heat exchanger cleaning needs to be carried out regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

cleaning boiler

Today, it is a simple introduction to preventive measures when low heat exchangers are cleaned:  

A. It is forbidden to use hydrochloric acid when cleaning the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger should be regularly maintained to significantly reduce the thermal efficiency. The pressure drop should be cleaned significantly.  

2. When using a chemical cleaner, the inside of the equipment can be circulated. If there is mechanical cleaning, use a soft brush to prevent the steel brush from scratching the board.  

Third, the cleaning work can open the equipment, clean the plates one by one, and the scale is serious. The steel plate should be removed, leveled and cleaned.  

4. After the cleaning is completed, the sheets and films should be inspected carefully, and the problems should be dealt with in a timely manner.  

v. After cleaning the device, it must be wiped dry with a clean cloth. No foreign matter, particles, fibers, etc. are allowed between the plate and the rubber pad.  

6. During the cleaning process, the rubber pad and the degumming rubber pad to be replaced should be firmly bonded, and the inspection should be uniform before assembly, and the excess adhesive should be wiped clean.

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