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Grinding method of compound sharpening machine

06 Nov,2019

According to different processing conditions, the sharpening machine is also divided into different forms. If it is a compound sharpening machine, how should the correct grinding be performed?

Grinding method

First check if the screw is loose. After the correction, grind the knife from the head. Pay attention to the need for ultra-fine grinding sand 3 boxes. Remember not to buy it yourself. The oil is 1000 ml. The demon gas is the unused new oil. Pour into a container, pour in the right amount of oil, mix well by hand. Then change it on the rubber wheel, the wheel surface must be completely changed in place, quietly put down the blade, start the knife sharpening, the machine speed is opened to a little higher than the medium speed, be careful not to open the full speed, while grinding the edge in the right amount Inverted motor oil.

Note that the overall brightness of the roller surface is the same, the thickness of the oil is also the same, just adjust the machine to a slow speed, and use your fingers to cut from one end of the upper rubber wheel to the other end.

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