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Common failure and elimination method of veneer dryer

29 Oct,2019

The veneer dryer is the commonly used equipment for drying and cutting the veneer. It is inevitable that failure will occur. As long as we find out the cause of the failure and then proceed to give a reasonable solution, the problem will be solved. Let us look at the common faults and troubleshooting methods of the single board dryer.
plywood machine veneer dryer
1. After drying, the moisture content of the veneer is still very high, and it is necessary to adjust the production capacity of the dryer to increase or decrease the supply of heat.
2. The meshing gap between the large and small gears is too large, which will have a certain impact on normal use. Check whether the tug and the retaining wheel are worn or not. The pinion wears seriously. Install or replace the new gear according to the wear condition.
3. The single-plate dryer has vibration of the whole body. There are two reasons for this. Check whether the connection between the tug device and the base is correct, adjust the fastening connection to make the position correct; wear the side of the roller, and replace it according to the degree of wear. Rolling circle.
In the process of using the veneer dryer, other problems may be encountered. If it is not possible to solve it by yourself, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Do not blindly disassemble and repair.
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