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Plywood machinery factory reminds everyone to do mechanical maintenance

28 Oct,2019

Everyone knows that the rotary cutting machine will cause some parts to wear out in the long-term work, which makes it unable to work efficiently. Therefore, we should properly maintain it when it is not working, but it is not only It is enough to carry out maintenance, but also pay attention to:
plywood machine
1. Read the product manual carefully before use, and fully understand the function and usage of the rotary cutting machine before installing and debugging.
2. All parts should be inspected carefully before starting the rotary cutting machine. All fasteners should be in a reliable locking state, and the rotating parts are not blocked.
3. The hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical controls in the rotary cutting machine should be operated strictly according to the instructions.
4. Rotary cutters must not stand between the two tool holder rollers.
5. Lubricating parts of the rotary cutting machine should be filled with lubricating oil regularly. In addition to the servo motor box, the other gearboxes are greased.
In summary, the operator who uses the rotary cutting machine should read the instruction manual carefully, and then fully understand the installation, adjustment and use. If the position of the rear limit switch changes due to other reasons, please re-adjust the position of the photoelectric switch according to the size marked on the machine data sheet.
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