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How important is belt operation in veneer production line

02 Jul,2020

On site belt seamless connection of veneer production line, replacement of water line belt, PVC conveyor belt, anti-static rubber, modified length of assembly line, active roller of assembly line, galvanized roller, stainless steel roller, various production lines, among mechanical continuous conveyor, people are most familiar with the belt conveyor of veneer production line. However, the belt conveyor can not work in high or low temperature environment, nor can it run at low speed, nor can it transport goods in horizontal circulation and steep slope conditions.

How important is belt operation in veneer production line

Therefore, the belt of the production line of veneer, in the process of daily use, need to carry out regular inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the belt on the assembly line is in good condition at all times. Otherwise, it may be due to a small belt, resulting in the normal production of machinery, which is what our enterprises do not want to see.

So the belt on the production line of veneer is very important to remind enterprises not to ignore the inspection of the belt in the process of use.

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