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The function of cushion in hot press

22 Jun,2020

The equipment of hot press manufacturer is very popular in wood processing industry. He will have a buffer between the template and the template, which can make his work pressure have an effective transmission, so what is the function of the buffer?

The function of cushion in hot press

As the name implies, cushion plays the role of buffer. The hot press will release a lot of pressure in the process of use, and the cushion is to protect the formwork and avoid the situation of rupture caused by the external effect. Of course, if you want it to work, you must install it correctly. Ensure its flatness so as to evenly decompose the pressure. At the same time, note that it also has a life span, and pay attention to replace it when it is due.

Of course, in addition, we should often check him in the long-term use process. It is inevitable that he will be aged and damaged when he is used under pressure for a long time. In such a case, he should be replaced in time to ensure his normal use.

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