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What are the methods to maintain the automatic turning line

17 Jun,2020

We need to pay more attention to the use of the automatic rotary cutting line. To ensure the normal operation of the line, we need to understand the structure of the card free rotary cutting machine. When using, do not overload the operation. When there is a problem, stop the operation to check and do a good job of lubrication. We should pay attention to the use and maintenance of the card free rotary cutting machine at ordinary times. Only in this way can we use the card free rotary cutting machine better and give full play to its better advantages.

Cause analysis: the rotary cutter is not sharp; the knife position of the rotary cutter is too high or too low; the wood is too dry and hard; the cutter bed shakes during the rotary cutting process; the electromagnetic clutch carbon brush of the rotary cutter equipped with the electromagnetic clutch is falsely connected. Removal method: grind the rotary cutter from a new edge to a sharp edge, and polish it with oilstone; adjust the cutter position of the rotary cutter to a proper and specific position again.

The automatic rotary cutting line uses wood with moderate dryness to complete the rotary cutting, and the wood with excessive dryness can be peeled after being blanched or soaked; check and tighten the bolts and nuts of each stainless steel fastener, and adjust the gap between the slide rail adjusting strip on both sides of the cutter bed and the slide rail of the cutter bed to moderate, but not too tight. Rotate the carbon brush of electromagnetic clutch downward automatically for 1-2 turns. And inject the cleaned thin automobile oil into the oil box.

Wood planing machine is the main facility to produce veneer and veneer. The planing machine can be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the working direction of the planer depending on the horizontal plane. According to whether the planing direction is vertical or parallel to the length direction of the square wood fiber, the planing machine can be divided into horizontal planing machine and vertical planing machine.

The size of modern automatic rotary cutting line is only 1 / 3 of that of the former planer. It is compact in structure, light in product quality, and easy to install and adjust. It can be produced continuously and save the time of loading and clamping wood. It is equipped with a low-speed rounding machine and has a fast production and processing speed. The work task is stable, and the four foot eight foot rotary cutting machine without clamping can hardly hear the noise.

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