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Maintenance details of precompressor

11 Jun,2020

Pre press is an important part of plywood production, its use has brought a lot of help to people, but when using it, we still need to pay attention to its maintenance, so what are the maintenance details about it?

In fact, when it is maintained, it mainly runs through the whole process of use. After it is used, it needs to be cleaned in time, especially some wastes and residues. Otherwise, it will seriously affect the operation speed of the machine. After it is cleaned, it also needs to be cleaned the platform and head in time The best way is to use alcohol to wipe it to prevent damage to the pressure head and its flatness. In addition, when cleaning, it is not allowed to wipe off the lubricating oil in the connecting part of the parts. If there is no lubricating oil, the friction between the parts will become larger and cause damage.

Do you know the above knowledge? We can only play its role and bring more help to people if we do a good job in maintaining it. This is a new product. If it is well maintained, it can improve people's work efficiency and create more profits for the enterprise.

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