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Maintenance of rotary cutting machine

06 Jun,2020

The working speed and efficiency of the rotary cutting machine are very fast, but at the same time, it should be well maintained. For example, before use, the condition of safety facilities should be checked, before start-up, the components should be installed correctly, and the operation of the machine should be familiar.

Maintenance of rotary cutting machine

Be familiar with the structure and performance parameters of the main rotating chain of the rotary cutting machine, and it is strictly prohibited to use it with super performance. In case of abnormal phenomena, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault. If the main shaft system with belt drive is used, it is necessary to regularly observe and adjust the tightness of the main shaft drive belt of the rotary cutter to prevent the loss of rotation caused by the belt slipping. If the main drive system with hydraulic fork speed change is used, it must be changed after the main shaft stops. Also prevent all kinds of impurities into the lubricating oil tank, keep the oil clean.

It is also necessary to check the switch of the feed stroke regularly to ensure its safety and reliability, so as to avoid collision and damage to the machine. It is necessary to clean and maintain the equipment regularly, and add lubricating oil to the lubricating parts regularly to ensure the normal operation of the rotary cutting machine.

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