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Installation of the blade of the non card rotary cutter

06 Jun,2020

Before using the non card rotary cutting machine, it is necessary to understand its instructions clearly. Only after understanding the function and use method of the rotary cutting machine, can it be installed and debugged.

Installation of the blade of the non card rotary cutter

Grind the back of the rotary cutting blade to a wedge angle of 19-21 degrees, and then grind the blade with oilstone. Due to the deflection of the wood during the rotary cutting, the blade should be slightly bent to form the upward curvature when installing the blade. The value depends on the nature of the wood to be rotary cut and the minimum straightness of the remaining round wood at the end of the rotary cutting. After the clamping screws at both ends of the blade are tightened, adjust the top bar in the middle, so that the blade can be upward And then tighten all clamping screws.

Before formal use, all parts shall be checked carefully, all fasteners shall be locked and rotated smoothly, and lubricating oil shall be added to all lubricating parts of the rotary cutting machine regularly.

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