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Two Points of Maintenance of Hot Press

17 Sep,2019

Hot press is the key equipment for large-scale production of wood-based panel enterprises. Hot press is the most important equipment in wood-based panel production line. It is not only the basis of the production line design, but also plays a decisive role in the quality of wood-based panel products. Once the hot press process is wrong, its loss will not be recovered and compensated.
Maintenance of Hot Press
Therefore, in the daily use process, we should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the hot press, which can reduce the number of shutdowns due to equipment failure, and provide guarantee for the operation speed of equipment and product quality.
1. Sealing rings of steam elbow pipes Many steam pipe rotating joints of hot press use asbestos packing sealing device. At high temperature, asbestos packing is easy to harden and leak steam. The spherical joints with better sealing performance and PTFE sealing rings have better effect. The sealing rings can generally be used for about one year. There are also polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) impregnated with asbestos thread, which can be compacted in the original packing box. The effect is good, but the use is not convenient.
When replacing the sealing ring, the ring behind the sphere needs to be cut off at an angle of 45 degrees, but the sealing effect is not affected.
2. Maintenance of hot-pressing plate of hot press The upper and lower lining plates of hot-pressing plate are used to protect the surface of hot-pressing plate. The upper lining board has a direct impact on the surface quality of fiberboard. Fiber and other dirt are easily clipped between the lining board and the hot pressing board. The lining board should be removed regularly to remove the dirt. The upper liner is usually changed once a week in order to polish the surface and ensure the quality of the finished surface.
When installing the lining board, it is necessary to pad the fiberboard well before pressing. If the slab is damaged or of different sizes, it is not allowed to enter the hot press. It is not allowed to press the fiberboard directly without liner. The steam condensate in the hot press plate should be removed in time for a long time after shutdown to avoid internal rust.
The partial (or total) non-heat of the hot press plate indicates that the internal passage is blocked or the passage is short-circuited. Usually due to the original fixed "plug" in the hot-pressing plate channel disengage or move the position, but also due to serious corrosion. If a large amount of steam is exhausted, the temperature of this part can not be restored to normal. It needs special deep hole drilling rig to open the channel for inspection, after removing obstacles, it can continue to use.
Hot press plate found local leakage, can be repaired and repaired by welding, after welding should be tested water pressure, pressure is 1.2 - 1.4 times of steam pressure. If leakage is caused by serious internal corrosion, it should be replaced.
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