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The influence of the easily worn parts of the rotary cutting machine

03 Apr,2020

Rotary cutting machine manufacturers have advanced mechanical design and maintenance experience. Through understanding the resources sharing with plywood manufacturers, we can occasionally make our enterprises better use of single board rotary cutting machine. There are many vulnerable parts on the rotary cutting machine, mainly including feed lead screw, clamp shaft and shaft sleeve, main slide and slide block, dipstick holder, knife holder mating surface, etc. after these vulnerable parts are seriously worn, they will Reducing the accuracy of the equipment will also have a quality impact on the single board. The following is a detailed introduction of the impact of wearing parts. 

The influence of the easily worn parts of the rotary cutting machine

First, the tool holder will be loose when the feed lead screw or nut is worn, and the thickness of the veneer that is cut by turning will be inconsistent, resulting in product quality problems. The second is that the wear of the clamping shaft and the shaft sleeve will loosen the shaft and cause the non-circular rotation, which will also cause the thickness of the veneer to be inconsistent; the third is that the wear of the main slide will change the cutting angle of the rotary cutting tool during the rotary cutting, resulting in the thickness of the outer veneer, the thin inner ring, or the wavy shape; the fourth is that the surface of the caliper holder or the tool holder is seriously worn, which will cause the horizontal sliding, and the wood will press the caliper during the rotary cutting When it is pushed back, the gap of the knife door will be increased, resulting in insufficient pressure of the pressure gauge on the veneer, rough and unsmooth veneer produced by the rotary cutting. These product quality problems are all what we don't want to see. So it is necessary to keep the attention of plywood machinery manufacturers.

The above is the impact of the wear of the vulnerable parts of the rotary cutting machine. If necessary, please contact the technical personnel of Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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