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What are the requirements of hot press for lubricating oil?

23 Mar,2020

Lubricating oil is a very important maintenance product in the use of wood-based panel woodworking machinery. There are so many lubricating oil on the market, so it needs to meet the relevant requirements to make the lubricating oil obtain better use effect and make the application effect of the equipment better.

What are the requirements of hot press for lubricating oil?

First of all, the selected high-quality lubricating oil must have a good ability to prevent crawling, that is, in the process of sliding guide rail movement, the phenomenon of instantaneous adhesion and instantaneous sliding occurs alternately. The rail crawling reduces the uniformity of machine motion and the positioning accuracy of components. In order to maintain the lubrication of the guide rail surface of the equipment, the adhesion of the lubricating oil must be increased so that the oil will not be squeezed out when the guide rail surface is still. It is also required that the lubricating oil has good extreme pressure and anti-wear performance, so as to extend the service life of the equipment.

In selecting the lubricating oil for wood-based panel woodworking machinery, in addition to meeting the above requirements, it is also required that the product has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the product can have good lubricating effect, and thus more favored by users.

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