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Types of hot press and precautions

19 Mar,2020

Hot press manufacturers have many types of hot presses, the common ones are constant temperature hot press, pulse hot press, double station hot press, double head pulse hot press, bench hot press, etc. Let's learn about their use precautions.

First of all, when the hot press is abnormal, it must be shut down in time, and the machine shall be strictly inspected. If any fault is found and repaired in time, it must not be ignored to continue to work, which has a certain impact on the service life of the machine and the safety of operators. During production, the press plate machine should be cleaned frequently to prevent sundries from falling on the press plate machine, causing damage to the press plate machine and affecting production efficiency.

Also, if the hot press works continuously for more than ten hours, it must be shut down for cooling and rest to work again and again, and the service life of the machine cannot be overdrawn.

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